DaBaby & DaniLeigh Argue On IG Live As Cops Are Called

DaBaby DaniLeigh

DaBaby and the mother of his baby daughter, DaniLeigh got into a heated exchange on Instagram Live leading to DaBaby calling the cops.

DaBaby and DaniLeigh got into it last night, much of it played out in a series of Instagram Live videos. 

DaBaby went live on Instagram to record an argument between the pair while DaniLeigh was feeding their three-month-old daughter. Somebody calls the cops to ask Dani to leave, where she claims to have been staying since the birth of their baby. The singer then took to her IG Live and filmed her interaction with the police who she claims DaBaby called. 

A little later, DaniLeigh went back on Live to explain the situation, crying throughout, she said she loves him but deserves better. She said she tried to make their relationship work for their baby, but they keep going back and forth.  

She also claims DaBaby came to her out of nowhere and asked her to leave while she was in bed.  

DaBaby posted a statement on his Instagram story shortly after the first IG Live. He says that he wrote the statement himself and didn’t have a PR or someone from his team do it for him.  

DaniLeigh then put out several of her own where she says DaBaby probably asked her to leave “so he can f### on his baby mother and other hoes.”  

She also suggests he’s using their relationship issues to promote his EP/Tour. “Literally putting the date on his ‘statement,’” she wrote.  

Later on, DaBaby posted another video calling the situation “some real deal Hollywood s###.” 


The pair have a child together so hopefully, this can be resolved without further hostility.