DaBaby Says He Had To “Pay The Whole Airport” To Leave Nigeria

DaBaby airport

DaBaby claims he was basically extorted out of money as he tried to leave Nigeria after shooting a video in the country with Davido!

DaBaby might be a big dog in the United States, but he found out quickly during a visit to Africa that he has to pay like he weighs.

The chart-topping North Carolinian reportedly had to “pay the whole airport” to leave Nigeria during a recent visit.

The artist took to his Instagram to show people him in first class and wrote a brief statement about how folks in the country put the squeeze on him when he was trying to exit the nation, after recording a music video with Afrobeats megastar Davido. 

The video was saved and shared on Twitter.

DaBaby revealed it was the Nigerian airport officials who extorted him. He wrote, “Boyyy I had to pay the whole airport off to make this flight.”

While he was in the motherland, he seemed to be right at home. Davido escorted him around and even took him to the hood, where he was more than welcomed.

The two rocked out in Lagos, according to Legit. The video they shot was filmed in a rural (but crowded) part of the city. Nigerians were just as excited to see him there, despite the expensive harassment during his departure.

The airport experience certainly did not change his opinion of his visit to Africa.