DaBaby Shows A Higher Level Of Artistry With “Find My Way” Song And Video

DaBaby’s new video for ‘Find My Way’ enlists Instagram comedienne B. Simone for the best Bonnie & Clyde coupling since the original movie.

(AllHipHop News) The public has gotten so used to seeing DaBaby at the center of the Hip-Hop news cycle for drama.

Truthfully, the drama clouds the truly gifted artist that this kid really is.

But this time he is dropping something, and it is not a fan, from a knock-out blow.

The North Carolina rapper has released his first joint of the year and it has his fans engaged and searching.

Entitled “Find My Way,” shows a little different skill set for the emcee. The DJ Kid-produced beat pairs up perfectly with DaBaby’s rhyme flow and seems to demonstrate some artistic development.

To accompany the song, DaBaby has wrangled up a mini-movie starring the “Be My BOOOOOYYYYYfriend” influencer, B. Simone as his love interest.

What makes the video absolutely delicious is the impeccable acting that envelops the song. For 10 minutes, we are treated to Reel Goats’ beautiful cinematography — watching with suspense as this Bonnie and Clyde due rides down a dusty road running from some unnamed history.

B. Simone has been making boss moves. Her Zeus reality show, “You’re My Boooyfriend,” and her coveted role as a regular on Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out Hip-Hop” comedy show proves that she is more than capable of leading a feature film.

Not like a BET special. Not a Lifetime or Oxygen, fallen R&B B-level diva biopic. Nothing funny.

Nothing Tyler Perryish… though TP does come through with the checks and films that are culturally relevant for a huge population… but not one of them.

B. Simone could easily be in a film across from Viola Davis, Angela Bassett or any one of those queens that be at the Essence pre-Oscar brunch every year.

Her acting is part of what made this video something people might want to watch over and over again.

We’ve started to associate DaBaby with all the wrong stuff… sure his music is party-worthy… but is he growing as an artist?

Is he living up to the hype that has had people for the last couple of years champion him (even amidst all of his legal woes)?

With this project, both song and video, the answer is “Hell, yeah.”