EXCLUSIVE: Dame Dash Loses Defamation Case; Must Pay Nemesis Lawyer

Dame Dash

Attorney Christopher Brown won his defamation case against Dame Dash, adding a new layer to their contentious history.

Dame Dash suffered another legal defeat at the hands of attorney Christopher Brown.

AllHipHop learned a jury ruled against Dame Dash in a defamation case. Jurors ordered him to pay $100,000 to Brown, who sued the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder.

Brown represented multiple clients in cases against Dame Dash over the past few years. The attorney pursued his own lawsuit against the Hip Hop executive over false claims made in interviews and social media posts.

“Dash has made a number of public statements in connection with the lawsuits that Brown alleges are defamatory,” Brown’s lawsuit read. “In January and February 2019, Dash posted three captioned videos on his personal Instagram page (under the username ‘duskopoppington’) that identified Brown by name and alleged that he was a ‘lawyer that make a living helping bad people steal money from good people and turn a blind eye for the check,’ that ‘lawyers for con artist are con artist as well,’ that he was a ‘low life lawyer’ and a ‘crooked lawyer,’ and that he ‘robbed children’ and would soon be facing a class-action suit.”

According to Brown, Dame Dash defamed the lawyer in multiple interviews. The public remarks included accusations of extortion.

Dame Dash infamously called Brown a “culture vulture” in a deposition that surfaced online in 2019. The 51-year-old entrepreneur said Brown, who is Black, would “sell his whole culture out for a dollar.”

“This doesn’t give you control,” he told Brown. “It gives you no power. It just makes you look stupid. I’ma ruin you as a lawyer. You’ll never be a lawyer again. I bet you, I’m gonna make you famous. I’m just giving you rope to hang yourself. You gon’ be in a whole ‘nother courtroom, in a whole ‘nother place for your frivolous lawsuit.”

Dame Dash previously lost lawsuits to Brown’s clients Edwyna Brooks and Josh Webber. Brown also represents photographer Monique Bunn, who’s suing the music industry veteran for allegedly groping her.