Damon Dash Family Battle With COVID Causes Courtroom WAR

Dame Dash

Dame Dash’s fiancée Raquel Horn said she testified positive for COVID-19, but attorney Christopher Brown had his doubts.

Dame Dash clashed with attorney Christopher Brown as the Hip Hop mogul awaits trial for a sexual assault lawsuit.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Dame Dash asked a judge to delay the proceedings. His fiancée and co-defendant Raquel Horn tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday (September 4).

The trial was scheduled to begin on Wednesday (September 7).

“Raquel Horn has tested positive for COVID-19 and is experiencing a full range of symptoms,” Dame Dash’s attorney Michael S. Traylor said. “Raquel Horn and Damon Dash are now quarantined in Chicago due to the forgoing.”

Traylor continued, “As a result, [Dame Dash and Horn] are unable to proceed with the defense of the matter on September 7, 2022 and are requesting a trial continuance in order to allow the defendants to recover. Defendants respectfully request that the Court set a Trial Setting / Scheduling Conference in approximately 30-45 days to determine potential trial dates.”

But Brown, a nemesis to Dame Dash in recent years, was skeptical. The attorney cited Dame Dash’s Instagram posts, which displayed his activity when he was supposedly quarantining.

“Frankly I don’t believe them,” Brown said. “We addressed a COVID situation in the past. I will not agree to a continuance for several reasons. First, Mr. Dash does not have covid and can come to Court. Second, I don’t believe Ms. Horn and it is clear that your clients have been traveling the country without any COVID precautions for the last week.”

He added, “I wondered if they intended to appear in Court. At this point, I believe I have my answer. They never intended to be here.”

Brown brought up the couple’s plans to attend an upcoming film festival In New Jersey. He also accused Dame Dash of perjury.

“Dash was not quarantining on September 5, 2022,” Brown said. “He was socializing and signing a perjurious declaration to avoid trial in Los Angeles. If Horn truly had Covid-19 on September 4, 2022, Dash’s attendance at and hosting of an event on September 5, 2022, maskless, is a heartless act designed to spread Covid-19 and harm others.”

Brown is the lawyer for photographer Monique Bunn, who is suing Dame Dash for allegedly groping her in 2019. Brown has represented multiple clients who’ve brought legal action against Dame Dash, who once called the attorney a “culture vulture” in a contentious deposition.

View footage from the deposition below.