EXCLUSIVE: Damon Dash Demands $51 Million “Fantastical” Sex Assault Lawsuit Be Dismissed

Damon Dash is swinging back (legally) at a woman who claims the Roc-A-Fella founder groped her, in a $51 million battle.

(AllHipHop News) Rap mogul Damon Dash is preparing for another legal round with his hated nemesis, attorney Chris Brown.

Damon is asking a judge to toss a $51 million judgment against him, filed by a photographer who claims he groped her during a drunken stupor in his Los Angeles home.

In court documents filed earlier this week, Damon Dash’s new power attorney Michael S. Traylor ESQ labeled Brown and Bunn as nothing but extortionists.

“This action is brought on behalf of [Bunn] by [Damon’s] nemesis attorney Christopher Brown who continues to bring or threatened spurious litigation… and who has had a long, contentious relationship with Dash which began at a deposition where insults were exchanged,” Michael S. Traylor said.

Christopher Brown also represents a filmmaker named Josh Webber, an author named Edwyna Brooks, as well as Monique Bunn, who is a veteran shutterbug hired by Damon to do a photo shoot for his Poppington brand in April of 2019.

Monique Bunn said she spent the night at the Roc-A-Fella founder’s house with his partner Raquel Horn, and that is when the trouble started.

The first dispute arose over a trip to an Apple store, where Monique Bunn allegedly purchased $3,000 worth gear for the shoot, which was supposedly approved by Raquel Horn.

Later that night, Bunn claims Damon walked into her room, grabbed her breasts, and rubbed her butt without permission, as he stood covered by nothing but a robe.

The next day, Monique Bunn said Damon must have sobered up because he was p##### off over the credit card charges and decided.

In retaliation, Damon allegedly decided to keep some of Bunn’s equipment, including a hard-drive with thousands of rare, valuable Hip-Hop photos.

Bunn filed a $51 million-dollar lawsuit against Damon in December of 2019.

Christopher Brown and Bunn were awarded a default judgment in January of 2020 because Damon never replied to the lawsuit.

However, in new court filings, Damon Dash has blasted the lawsuit as a conspiracy to extort money out of him on baseless legal grounds.

Damon Dash is asking for the default judgment to be vacated because the case should be heard in California and not New York – if at all.

“Simply put, this action has no place in this court or perhaps any Court. Included in these allegations is a fantastical story of alleged sexual assault…the allegations mysteriously arose immediately after [Bunn] was caught making unauthorized purchases with [Damon’s] credit accounts and confronted about same on video which revealed she was in possession of the ill-gotten gains.”

Damon Dash also maintains he was never properly served because Christoper Brown sent a process server to the wrong address.

“I was not personally served with the pleadings in this manner, nor was

substituted service made upon me, individually and/or on behalf of Poppington, LLC,” Damon Dash said.

Damon Dash’s lawyer also accused Christopher Brown of abusing the court system by filing irrelevant accusations against him – in hopes of garnering media attention.

Damon Dash is planning to seek relief for defamation due to Christopher Brown’s conduct, which he insists falls outside of the scope of litigation privilege.

Last month, Christopher Brown celebrated and taunted Damon Dash, after the mogul was ordered to pay the lawyer’s client Edwyna Brooks $300,000 over claims he illegally streamed her movie “Mafietta” and ruined several deals.