EXCLUSIVE: Damon Dash Nemesis Lawyer Christopher Brown Asks Court For Ownership Of Disputed Film

Lawyer Christopher Brown wants a judge to name his client the rightful owner of a movie in a war over the flick with legendary rap mogul Damon Dash.

(AllHipHop News) Damon Dash’s beloved film “The List” could end up under the control of another production company if the rap mogul doesn’t make a move soon.

A lawyer named Christopher Brown is locked in a nasty battle with Damon over his involvement in the movie, alternatively titled “Dear Frank.”

The attorney is asking a judge to grant a default judgment and name a production company named Muddy Water Pictures the rightful owner of the disputed movie.

Christopher Brown has been representing Muddy Water Pictures and a filmmaker named Josh Webber in the nasty lawsuit.

Josh Webber says Damon was only chosen to direct the movie, but he was booted from the set because he showed up high and drunk, and caused all sorts of disorder during shoots.

Damon Dash has rejected the allegations and claims he owns 25% of the movie because he re-wrote the script and co-directed the film with Webber.

Damon says Josh Webber and his attorney are “culture vultures” who are extorting him and trying to push him out of being involved in the movie he created and marketed as “Damon Dash Presents…”

An explosive confrontation between Damon and Christopher Brown took place during a failed deposition in November of 2019, which resulted in the police being called.

The deposition was never finished, and Damon Dash ended up being sanctioned by the court, while Brown tried and failed to get a gag order placed on the Roc-A-Fella founder.

Now, Christopher Brown seems to be tired with the legal wrangling and he’s asking the judge overseeing the case to name the production company as the rightful owner of the film.

“Dash admits that Muddy does in fact own the film and has registered copyright,” attorney Christopher Brown said. “Dash claims he is a joint-author of the film via oral agreement with Muddy and other actions he contends he undertook which supports joint authorship. The facts do not support Dash’s argument, hence. Muddy is entitled to summary judgment as the sole author and own of the film.”

Brown also produced a text message Damon Dash sent to Josh Webber, where he allegedly confessed he was not interested in owning the film until he realized the movie could be a hit.

“Dash indicated to Webber in the text message that Dash did not believe he (Dash) owned the film at all until he realized the value of the film and informed Webber..’now I know what I can get for it,‘” Christopher Brown wrote to the court.

Damon Dash insists an oral agreement was made, in which Muddy Water Pictures made him a 25% owner in the movie, in perpetuity, in return for his celebrity attachment to movie.

But Muddy Water and Josh Webber state they never made an oral contract with Damon Dash for any type of ownership in the film.

Christopher Brown is asking the court to grant Muddy summary judgment and name the company as the owner and author of the film “The List” aka “Dear Frank.”