DaniLeigh Reacts To Dreezy’s “Melanin That’s What He Want” Comment

Another rapper has jumped into the colorism conversation.

The last several days have seen DaniLeigh get dragged online for previewing a song titled “Yellow Bone” which seemingly celebrates light-skinned women. The Dominican musician was then dragged further after she tried to apologize for offending anyone.

While the “yellow bone that’s what he wants” lyrics did not sit well with some social media users, DaniLeigh insisted that she is not a colorist. Her video apology included DaBaby’s girlfriend saying, “I’m dating a whole chocolate man, and I have beautiful [melaninated] friends.”


Fellow rapper Dreezy appeared to offer her thoughts on the controversy. The brown-skinned Chicago native posted four photos of herself on Instagram with a caption that read, “Melanin that’s what he want [kiss mark emoji].”

Apparently, DaniLeigh found out about Dreezy’s IG message and reposted it to her Instagram Story. In response, the 26-year-old Miami-born entertainer is quoted writing, “Caption [smiling face with halo emoji] and ain’t nothing wrong with thattttt [crossed fingers emoji] @dreezy.”

The “Yellow Bone”/colorism discussion even included Dominican-Trinidadian recording artist Cardi B, because she was being compared to DaniLeigh. On Monday, the “WAP” performer had to clarify that she has long identified herself as Afro-Latino, a person of both African and Hispanic descent.