Cardi B Addresses Her Race & Ethnicity Following DaniLeigh Colorism Controversy

“Every 6 months I gotta explain myself cause people can’t research.”

Once again Cardi B took to social media to comment on her ethnic roots. The latest conversation on the topic was sparked by the backlash singer/rapper DaniLeigh recently experienced for her unreleased song “Yellow Bone.”

DaniLeigh faced accusations of promoting colorism because of the record’s theme and later offered an apology. The Miami-raised recording artist was also criticized because she identifies as Dominican which led to complaints that she was not Black.

Cardi is also part Dominican, so her name was brought into the online discussion as Twitter users began comparing the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker to DaniLeigh. This led to Cardi tweeting, “Let me do this s### again.”

The Bronx-bred entertainer then went on to post photos of her mother’s side of the family which is Trinidadian. Cardi also pointed out that she has identified herself as “Afro-Latino” even before she was a chart-topping music superstar.

“It’s time for ya to pick up a book. Your ignorance at this point is a choice,” wrote the Invasion of Privacy album creator. She later added, “Every 6 months I gotta explain myself cause people can’t research… Every 6 months this [becomes] a topic cause people [can’t] do simple research. Trust me I’m tired of it too.”

Cardi also posted, “This whole conversation started because every time somebody is in hot water ya bring my name up. Always no matter what! I could be dead and I wake up to tweets like ‘but cardi’ ‘but why cardi’ even if it GOT NOTHIN TO DO WIT ME! Like Deum when ya going to stop? I’m the [scapegoat].”