Danny Brown Disputes Dave Chappelle’s Weed Smoking Story From Big Sean’s ‘Detroit 2’

The rapper apparently got the comedian “stoned to the gills” in the Motor City.

Detroit 2, Big Sean’s 2020 studio LP, garnered positive feedback from fans and pundits. Special guests like Eminem, Post Malone, Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Lil Wayne helped the sequel to 2012’s Detroit mixtape open at #1 on the Billboard 200.

Big Sean also tapped legendary comedian Dave Chappelle for a storytelling session on Detroit 2. The “Story by Dave Chappelle” track features the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor winner recalling smoking marijuana backstage with Detroit-bred emcee Danny Brown.

Dave Chappelle said:

I’m sittin’ in the dressing room at the Fillmorе. And there’s an older gentleman in there. And I don’t really talk to the guy much, but he was a nice guy. Cool energy, s### like that. And then, famed Detroit rapper Danny Brown came in. Now at this time, I wasn’t that familiar with Danny Brown’s music, so when he asked me to smoke with him, I just smoked with him. I didn’t hear all that “Adderall Admiral” and all that s###. I didn’t know he was about that life.

I’m assuming it’s weed, I don’t know what the f### it was. But, boy, I mean, I smoked weed a million times in my life. Never, ever remember feeling this way before. And as I was walking on stage, I told my road manager, “You know, my number’s up tonight.” He’s like, “What does that mean?” “I’m going to bomb.” And true to my professional prescription, I did. But, there’s bombing and then there’s the s### that happens in Detroit.

“Story by Dave Chappelle” – Big Sean’s Detroit 2

Danny Brown Seems To Think Dave Chappelle Got Some Parts Of The Story Wrong

Danny Brown spoke about that infamous meeting with Dave Chappelle during a recent interview with HotNewHipHop. The “Detroit vs. Everybody” spitter stated, “It was funny, but I ain’t like that s###, [laughs] because that ain’t the true story [laughs]. I’ll tell my side in my stand-up set.”

While Danny Brown is now downplaying Dave Chappelle’s anecdote, he once took pride in being connected to that narrative when Chappelle brought it up during The Age of Spin Netflix comedy special in 2017. Brown wrote on Instagram at the time, “Haven’t seen [Dave’s] new special but heard he gotta bit about that night I got him stoned to the gills… momma I made it!!!”

Before he hits the stage to perform his own comedic routine, Danny Brown is preparing to release his next musical body of work tentatively titled Quaranta. He is also set to take part in a returning Red Bull SoundClash event against the DMV’s Rico Nasty on December 15.