Darius Jackson’s Brother Calls Keke Palmer “Vile” And “Manipulative”: Actress’s Mom Claps Back 

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer filed a restraining order against her ex, Darius Jackson, but his brother says she’s the abusive one. 

Keke Palmer’s mom is speaking out to defend the actress after her daughter reportedly filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson, promoting his brother to come after her. 

In court documents, the 30-year-old actress alleged Jackson abused her multiple times during their two-year relationship, per Us Weekly. She claims he was mentally and physically abusive and would hit her in front of their 8-month-old son. Palmer is also seeking sole custody of their son.  

Sarunas Jackson Drags Keke Palmer On Social Media

After reports of the restraining order surfaced online, Jackson’s brother, ‘Insecure’ actor Sarunas Jackson, slammed Palmer on social media.  

“The most disgusting, vile, abusive, manipulative person I have EVER encountered in my entire life,” he wrote on X. “Abuses almost everyone. Y’all will see.. Just send positive energy to the babies… Any child in the middle of something like this does not deserve it AT ALL. Wow. So damn sad.” 

The post was quickly deleted, but not before being reposted by Darius Jackson.  

Keke Palmer’s mom, Sharon, caught wind of his remarks and dragged Sarunas in a video defending her daughter.  

“I’ve never done anything like this,” she began. “For Sarunas Jackson to post on his Twitter the ridiculous stuff that he’s posting, when he knew his brother was abusive… I went to Sarunas over a year ago and told him that his brother was abusive to my daughter, and he said, ‘Oh, well, I used to be like that too.’ What?!” 

She continued, “We know he’s the biggest f### boy in Hollywood, he’s disrespectful to women, just like his little brother. He taught his brother how to be abusive. So, he don’t get to act like he’s this special guy. No, you’re a f### boy, and you’re a part of the problem!” 

Check out her video below. 

Sarunas Jackson responded on Instagram to deny he had ever “been abusive to any of the women I ever been involved with.” He also alleged Sharon had made threats to his family that will soon come to light.