DDG Drops $250K On Diamond Tooth: “Should’ve Bought A House” 


DDD says boredom drove him to drop $250K on a new diamond canine tooth when he could have bought a house instead. 

DDG is flexing his new tooth gem, having spent a quarter of a million dollars on a diamond gnasher.  

The rapper and YouTuber has a different way of combating boredom than your average person, as he revealed on social media Tuesday evening (April 16). 

“got bored so i spent a quarter million on a tooth,” DDG wrote on X (formerly Twitter) alongside a photo of his new diamond canine tooth.  

He then joked about spending an eye-watering sum on a dental enhancement. 

“Should’ve bought a house or sumn,” he added.  

DDG flexed his $250k diamond tooth after a fan suggested he was broke and that his partner, Halle Bailey, was the breadwinner in the relationship. The comment came after the Pontiac native posted an adorable video of their baby Halo saying his first word.   

“DDG always got that damn baby and it sends me every time,” one fan replied. “He know who the breadwinner is.” 

However, DDG told fans to “stop wit this ‘broke’ talk” before flashing his new diamond tooth. 

He also clapped back at another commenter who questioned why he and Bailey always shield their baby’s face from public view. 

“Now why would i wanna show yo fat face ass my baby,” he replied. “u irregular head shaped ass n####. mind yo bizness and take that hot ass suede suit off.” 

He continued expressing his irritation in a follow-up post. “n##### watched the proud family for 10 seasons without seeing wizard kelly face but trippin bout me not showing my son face smh,” he added.