DDG Explains Supporting Kai Cenat Following NYC Riots


The Epic recording artist also discusses his support for Halle Bailey.

Über-popular content creator Kai Cenat became national news over the last week after New York City police officials accused the Twitch streamer of starting a riot. Fellow YouTuber DDG is showing support for the 21-year-old streamer.

On August 4, Kai Cenat attempted to hold a free Playstation giveaway in Union Square Park. Thousands of his followers descended on the location that day causing unattended chaos for the area.

Cenat reportedly did not secure the proper permits from the city. The NYPD charged the gaming influencer with two counts of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly. Authorities released the AMP content group member from custody on Saturday morning.

Billboard caught up with DDG at the publication’s 2023 R&B/Hip-Hop Power Players & Live event. The Maybe It’s Me… album creator explained why he still supports Kai Cenat despite the negative press surrounding him at the moment.

“That’s my homie though,” stated DDG. “Anybody I’m friends with, I’ll ride with them through anything. I just felt they were trying him too much. He was just trying to give back to the people.”

DDG appeared on Kai Cenat’s livestream in September 2022. Plus, the two social media personalities showed up on Memphis rapper NLE Choppa’s YouTube channel earlier this year.

In addition to being an internet star, DDG also releases music as a rapper. Maybe It’s Me… arrived on July 14. His album catalog also includes 2019’s Valedictorian and 2022’s It’s Not Me It’s You.

Many fans also know DDG as the boyfriend of The Little Mermaid actress/Grammy-nominated singer Halle Bailey. Their relationship has been gossip fodder for months with reports claiming the two entertainers split up on more than one occasion.

When asked about Halle Bailey’s new solo single, DDG said, “I gave ‘Angel’ a million streams before it came out. I listen to it a lot. I’m a big supporter of her, obviously, of course.”