DDG Responds To Amanda Seales Telling Halle Bailey To Dump Him

DDG Halle Bailey

#DDG claims he didn’t even know who #AmandaSeales was.

Rising rapper DDG upset some people online for what he said about an iconic Civil Rights activist and racism. The YouTuber-turned-musician even caught the comedic wrath of Insecure actress Amanda Seales.

“I didn’t know people were this racist. I didn’t know this,” said DGG in a recent interview with Bootleg Kev. He continued, “I thought that s### was gone. I thought Martin Luther King canceled this s### out. This s### is crazy.”

DDG’s statement was a response to the race-based vitriol aimed at his Black girlfriend, Halle Bailey, for starring as Ariel in the fictional The Little Mermaid. According to DDG, his MLK point was just an exaggeration, not a dismissal of bigotry in America.

Comedian Amanda Seales Warns About An “STS” Infection

Amanda Seales was one of the critics to jump on DDG for what he said about the backlash directed at Halle Bailey. The outspoken comedian suggested Bailey should end her relationship with DDG over his response.

“You gotta break up with him. You gotta do it. ‘Cause, she may not get an STD. But she’s gonna a get STS – sexually transmitted stupidity,” said Amanda Seales in a video posted to social media.

DDG replied to Amanda Seales during an interview with VladTV. The 2021 XXL Freshman Class member made it clear he took issue with what Seales had to say about the situation.


DDG Questions Why A 41-Year-Old Woman Is Commenting On His Relationship

“I thought that was lame,” expressed the It’s Not Me It’s You album creator. “I don’t even know who that is, and that’s not no disrespectful s###, I genuinely do not know who that woman is.”

DDG added, “Hella engagement on that post though. I seen that b####. I’m like, ‘Ten thousand comments? F### is this?’ How old is she? Why would you even be speaking on a young relationship like that?”

The interviewer then informed DDG that Amanda Seales is 41 years old. The Epic recording artist replied, “41? What the f###? At your big age? That’s how you’re talking about a 24-year-old and a 22-year-old dating.”