Hip-Hop Duo dead prez Announces First Album In 11 Years Features The Roots’ Black Thought

M-1 and stic—collectively known as dead prez—haven’t released a new album since 2012’s Information Age, but that’s about to change.

M-1 and stic—collectively known as dead prez—haven’t released an album since 2012’s Information Age, but that’s about to change. On Wednesday (June 21), dead prez MC stic revealed a new detail, announcing the duo’s upcoming album will feature The Roots’ Black Thought.

He made the reveal via Instagram, writing, “Ya heard? Spread the word! New @deadprez x @blackthought on the way! #albummode #deadprez.” He included a photo of himself, fellow dead prez member M-1 and Black Thought who appear to be posted up at a studio.

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Black Thought is decades into his career but seems more prolific than ever. In addition to his regular gig with The Roots in the house band for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he’s been pumping out albums like a machine. In 2022, he released the gorgeously layered Cheat Codes album with Danger Mouse. Eight months later, he followed up with Glorious Game, his joint project with El Michaels Affair. He also managed to help produce The Roots Picnic, which took place June 2-4 in Philly.

As for dead prez, the duo spoke to Rock The Bells about their next album last October.

“The camaraderie in the group is hot,” stic said at the time. “I think the ‘hiatus’—which it isn’t really; we’ve each been doing crazy s### in between time individually—was needed. We needed to take a pause, rest, let it breathe, process, let other people speak, learn, live. When the energy feels right and the inspiration is not forced and there’s nothing compelling you to do it except the energy itself, that’s when you feel it.”

M-1 added, “I can’t give away too much, but I can say the team is back, the band is back together and the boys are back in town. We’re working with some of the people we’ve worked with over the years to cultivate the sound. We’re working with some really formidable guys. From the Loud reunion, I had the chance to speak to some of the best producers—people like Juicy J, RZA and Pete Rock, a Loud affiliate. They got really excited. Everybody wants to throw us some production.”

stic also revealed they are working with several longtime collaborators, including Sean C. He continued, “We working with mentors of ours and the homies—ain’t no ‘yes folks’ around us. There’s enough people in the room saying, ‘Make sure you got some s### like this ‘cause that’s what we want!’ Don’t worry—we got you covered.”