Diddy And Ellen Degeneres Give Hope To Children With Cancer During On-Air Meet Up

Diddy has a track record of inspiring people, and now his song “Bad Boy for Life” has inspired several children fighting cancer to declare they ain’t going “nowhere!”

(AllHipHop News) Diddy makes Hip-Hop smile, but not in a corny way.

He inspires people with thoughtful (but fun) social media posts.

Clap it up during Black History month as Diddy is a living testament of what an African-American man with a dream can do.

Diddy has taken his gift of remixing and redefining cool for not only his generation but also generations after him (there are about two).

He has even put on those who could be considered his “O.G.”

But most of all…

Diddy inspires kids. All kids. Black kids. White kids. Spanish and Asian kids. He inspires rich kids. Poor kids. Able-bodied kids and those who are faced with some challenges. Everyone saw that earlier this month when a particular video went viral on the interweb.

In the video, some amazingly brave kids, who happen to be fighting cancer, are getting busy to Puff’s “Bad Boy for Life” song. Yeah… you go the message… Like the breakdown of the song, they ‘ain’t going nowhere!’

What a mantra/ anthem for them to adopt!

Created by an organization named ‘Fighting All Monsters,’ they are committed to helping families with children living with cancer to stay motivated, get resources and fight the good fight.

The children looked up to the Bad Boy icon and it was their hope to get their swerve on with the toastmaster himself.

Thanks to Auntie Ellen, who consistently shows up more imbedded in Hip-Hop than people give her credit for, these kids seem to have gotten their wish.

On her Instagram, the fairy godmother (in the best way that this can be taken) posted a sneak peek of this sacred and inspiring moment. Yeah, Puff… This ‘Love’ moniker is apropos.

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