Diddy’s New Accuser Claims She Kept “Unwashed Clothing” From Night Of Alleged Sexual Assault 


Crystal McKinney’s lawsuit reveals she saved the clothing from the night Diddy allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted her. 

The latest woman to accuse Diddy of sexual assault claims she kept the unwashed clothing she wore on the night of the alleged encounter. 

Earlier this week, just days after CNN released surveillance footage of Diddy’s violent assault on Cassie in 2016, Crystal McKinney alleged the fallen mogul drugged and sexually assaulted her in the early 2000s.  

The former model filed a lawsuit accusing Diddy of drugging and assaulting her at a Men’s Fashion Week event in 2003. New details from the suit have surfaced online, revealing that Mckinney claims she held onto the clothes she wore on the night of the alleged assault.  

“Plaintiff saved the unwashed clothing from that night in her closet where they remain in a plastic wrap,” the suit reads, per legal reporter Meghan Cuniff. 

McKinney claims she saved the unwashed clothing “Due to the traumatic events,” of the alleged assault. 

McKinney Details Night of Alleged Assault

In her filing, McKinney claims she was just 22 years old when she flew from Miami to New York at the encouragement of a fashion designer who styled her meticulously to impress Diddy. 

After a dinner at Cipriani’s where Diddy made suggestive remarks and even promised to further her career, she joined the Bad Boy Records boss and his entourage at his studio. 

She was given a joint by one of Diddy’s associates, who told her, “You’ve never had weed like this before.” She recalls saying she had enough after taking a hit of the “powerful” joint but claims Diddy pressured her to take more weed and alcohol.  

McKinney alleges Diddy then “demanded” she follow him to the bathroom after noticing she was intoxicated.  

“In the bathroom, Combs forced himself on Plaintiff and began kissing her without her consent,” the suit reads. “Combs, then, shoved her head down to his crotch before commanding her to ‘suck it.’” 

McKinney claims she refused, but Diddy “pushed her head down onto his phallus and forced her to perform oral sex on him.” 

After the alleged assault, McKinney claims Diddy led her back to the studio, where she lost consciousness. She awoke in a cab that was headed back to the designer’s apartment.  

Despite fearing “further violence and/or retaliation,” McKinney felt a “moral obligation to speak up” after seeing other victims come forward. She is seeking unspecified damages.