Diddy Hit With Another Sexual Assault Lawsuit As Cassie Video Continues The Rounds

Sean Diddy Combs

Diddy is accused of perpetrating the assualt against the former model during an incident in 2003.

Diddy is facing yet another sexual assault lawsuit less than a week after CNN released footage of a violent assault he perpetrated against his former girlfriend Cassie in 2016.

On Tuesday (May 21) a report from TMZ revealed the latest lawsuit against the disgraced Hip-Hop mogul was filed by former model, Crystal McKinney. In the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, McKinney alleges that Diddy drugged and assaulted her in 2003, when she was just 22.

McKinney alleges she was invited to a Men’s Fashion Week event at Cipriani Downtown in NYC, where she met Combs, who later invited her back to his studio.

According to the lawsuit, McKinney alleges the atmosphere at the studio quickly turned dark as Combs and his colleagues were drinking Hennessy and passing around joints.

McKinney claims she took a “very powerful” hit from a joint that made her feel as if she were floating, suspecting it was laced with a narcotic.

The situation escalated when Combs allegedly demanded she follow him to the bathroom, where McKinney claims he forced himself on her.

In addition to allegedly kissing her, Diddy reportedly shoved her head down to his crotch, commanding her to “suck it.” Despite her refusal, McKinney alleges Diddy forced her to perform oral sex and that it’s the last thing she remembers before losing consciousness.

McKinney alleges the next thing she remembers was waking up in a taxi, feeling woozy and claims she realized she had been sexually assaulted.

The lawsuit is unclear on whether she refers to the forced oral sex or another act that may have occurred while she was unconscious.

According to McKinney Diddy originally lured her in with promises of career advancement opportunities.

Inspired by recent lawsuits filed by Cassie and others, McKinney felt a “moral obligation to speak up.” She is seeking unspecified damages, adding to the growing legal woes for Combs. McKinney’s lawsuit follows the May 16 release of surveillance video of Diddy’s physical assault of Cassie at a hotel in Los Angeles in 2016.

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