Diddy’s Son Justin Launches Events Company With Actor Angus T. Jones


(AllHipHop News) Sean “Diddy” Combs’ son Justin and actor Angus T. Jones have formed an unlikely partnership to launch a new events firm.

Justin Combs, 22, founded Tonite last October (15) with Kene Orjioke, his classmate at the University of California at Los Angeles, and now he has brought on Angus to serve as the President of Entertainment for the brand, a multimedia and events production company.

The two young men were introduced by a mutual pal three years ago, and Justin reveals he and the former child star quickly hit it off.

He tells People.com, “Angus is someone I’ve admired for a very long time. I feel as though he and I share common ideas.”

Combs, who works as Tonite’s President Of Urban Entertainment, hopes teaming up with Jones will help to turn the fledgling firm into a big brand, offering revelers an experience like no other.

“At its heart, Tonite is a movement, a feeling, a vibe, an energy,” Justin explains. “It’s something that people have to attend to understand. This isn’t another party, event or concert. It’s an experience.”

Working with Justin and Kene marks Angus’ return to entertainment after walking away from hit sitcom Two and a Half Men in 2014, and even he admits he was a little apprehensive at first about taking on a job at Tonite.

“When I first met with Justin and Kene, I was kind of coming into it as like, ‘Why do you guys want me to be a part of your music scene?'” Angus tells Billboard.com. “I like music and I know music – that’s what my dad has done (running an equipment rental company) and I’ve grown up around that, so I kind of moved that way myself but I was like, ‘Why me?'”

However, he has since realized growing up in the TV industry and working with such a tight-knit crew on Two and a Half Men has given him the perfect insight into how to “put on a good show”.

Meanwhile, Justin reveals he began developing his business skills from a young age after watching his rap mogul father at work.

“Something my father always stressed to me is that in business, things don’t always go your way,” Justin recalls to People.com. “You can’t be scared to take chances or make mistakes. You have to learn from your mistakes and continue growing and pushing as a man. And most of all, you always have to keep a good connection and faith with God and things will naturally fall into place and go the way they’re supposed to.”