Digga D Announces Response To New Loski Diss Track: “Career Ruined” 

Digga D claims he has a career-ending response coming for Loski after he released the Digga diss track “Obsessed” on Monday.

Loski has dropped the Digga D diss track he teased last week, continuing the online beef between the two U.K. drill artists.  

The pair have been rivals for years though tensions have escalated recently. Digga D took aim at Loski on “S###,” released on July 7. The song included a reference to the mother of Loski’s child visiting him in jail, which Digga says is the origin of the problems between them. 

Loski then teased his response on Instagram, sharing the visuals for his new song, though he did not mention Digga D directly. “Why yu so obsessed wit me I just wanna know ?” he asked in the caption. 

“Why you so obsessed with me? I just wanna know,” Loski raps in the new song. “You’re happy ’cause you got a visit, you was little bro.” Listen to the track below.  

Before releasing the song, Loski shared a video, saying Digga D – whom he mocked by calling Diggy Minaj – has finally got what he’s been waiting for.  

“PSA going on everyone. Unfortunately, my jealous baby mom and Diggy Minaj have conspired against me and started f###### each other,” he said wih a laugh. “Finally, after all the years he’s been waiting, he got some front.” 

Loski continued, saying he “can’t control” any woman “that ain’t mine,” and accused Digga D of being scared of his reaction. He claimed the West London rapper sent a message warning him to hold off on releasing the diss track or he would share a video of his own – one he filmed with Loski’s BM.  

However, Loski challenged Digga D to drop the video. “Big man release that,” he concluded. “Give the fans what they want.” 

Digga D Responds To Loski

Meanwhile, Digga has a diss of his own coming, one that he says will finish Loski’s career. “I let the cap go on for too long,” he wrote before announcing he is releasing a new song at 7 pm U.K. time on Tuesday (Jul. 26). “Imma show u lot something. Career ruined,” he added. 

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