Akademiks Blasts Jess Hilarious: “I Thought She Was Trans This Whole Time”

Jess Hilarious

The outspoken podcaster inserts himself in the trans women/cis women debate.

Comedian Jess Hilarious is best known for her appearances on Wild ‘n Out and making fun of celebrities in social media videos. The Baltimore native is currently making news for her opinion on transgender women. And now, fellow internet personality Akademiks has jumped into the situation, too.

Jess Hilarious took issue with a trans TikToker’s comments about “cis women” not owning periods and womanhood. The conversation then became a debate topic online. Hilarious received both praise and condemnation for her rant on the subject.

“Who the f### is gonna stand up for us?” she said in an Instagram video. “And [by] us – I mean women, real women, biological women. Women who were born with all the parts that you guys wish that you were.”

She continued, “When does the delusion stop? What’s the difference between you and someone who has been diagnosed to be mentally insane? The only difference is you don’t have a straitjacket on. Stop talking out your f###ing a##.” Jess Hilarious went on to say that transgender women will never be real women.

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Jess Hilarious Catches Heat From Ts Madison & Akademiks

Jess Hilarious’ comments led to a heated back-and-forth exchange with a well-known transgender television personality. RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Ts Madison suggested Hilarious’ anger actually stems from her getting mistaken for being a transgender woman.

Akademiks echoed Ts Madison’s opinion. The Off the Record podcast host inserted himself into the discussion about transgender women and biological women by taking aim at Jess Hilarious’s looks.

“Jess Hilarious going crazy on the trans community?” he tweeted Monday night (July 24). “Wtf… the craziest part of it… I thought she was trans this whole time… this the biggest plot twist this year.”

The controversial blogger also tweeted, “I seen them pics before the makeup and hair… that jawline screamed ‘Jimmy’ not ‘Jessica.’ Plus only Vegeta from Dragon Ball S could get such a perfect M as a hairline and he was a n####.”

Jess Hilarious also faced backlash in the past for her statements about a specific group of people. In 2020, she eventually apologized for saying she felt threatened by four Sikh men wearing turbans on a plane, confusing them for Muslim men, just days after 50 people died from a terrorist attack on two mosques in New Zealand.