Doja Cat Denies Rumor She Dissed Cardi B & Offset: “I Don’t Get In Rap Beefs” 

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Doja Cat fans speculated she dissed Cardi B and or Offset on one of the news tracks on “Scarlet II: Claude Frollo.” 

Doja Cat is fending off accusations she dissed Cardi B and Offset on one of the seven new songs on the deluxe edition of her fourth studio album Scarlet II: Claude Frollo

The rapper and singer took to X (formerly Twitter) just hours after dropping off the project to deny aiming at the Hip-Hop supercouple, or anybody else.  

“no one has done anything to me for me to even want to begin to diss them,” Doja Cat began. “all my peers been nice as f### and welcoming of me. please stop f###### grasping for straws here. i dont play these games you all are playing. its incredibly childish and quite frankly the most depressing s### ive ever come across on the internet. grow the f### up. i dont get in “rAp bEefS.” 

X/Doja Cat

The drama began on Friday (April 5), after Doja Cat shared the expanded version of her album. While the project received a warm reception, a lyric from “AKNOWLEDGE ME” garnered attention from fans who believe Doja Cat fired a shot at Cardi B and Offset.  

“Cartier on you but you barkin’ like you Cardi B,” she raps on the track, pronouncing the “B” as “bae.” 

“Doja cat always sneak diss and hide her hand. Nothing new,” one fan wrote on Instagram. Cardi been catching strays all week,” added another. 

However, others suggested Doja Cat merely referenced an Offset adlib. 

“Offset has a barking like adlib,” one person stated. “’Barking like you Cardi’s BAE,’ Offest’s ad-libs,” another fan said.  

Meanwhile, Doja Cat later clarified exactly who she was dissing.  

“im dissing the man in the song,” she replied to a fan. “Saying hes barking like a woman/ calling him a b#### but that goes over anyones head whos smooth brained.” 

Earlier this week, Doja Cat clapped back at a fan attempting to ignite controversy by asking her to confirm the track she dissed Cardi B on. 

“None of them get a f##### life,” she replied.