Donald Trump Spots Lil Pump In Florida Rally Crowd Wearing MAGA Gear

Donald Trump

Donald Trump got Lil Pump’s name right this time after calling the rapper “Lil Pimp” at a rally in 2020.

Lil Pump’s support for Donald Trump—both past and present—has earned the rapper a shoutout at a campaign rally in Florida. The former president acknowledged Lil Pump as “one of the few” artists who publicly backed the twice-impeached politician in a speech on Wednesday (November 8).

The ex-president looked at the crowd and spotted Lil Pump, who stood up and showed off his MAGA attire. Lil Pump attended the rally after recently leading his fans in a “we want Trump” chant at a show in Mississippi.

Lil Pump previously pledged his support for Trump in 2020. The two shared the stage at a campaign rally in Michigan. Trump mistakenly called Lil Pump “Lil Pimp” before inviting the rapper to speak at the event.

“I appreciate everything you’ve done for our country,” Lil Pump said at the 2020 rally. “You brought the troops home and you’re doing the right thing.”

Trump lost the 2020 presidential race, but he’s running for president again in 2024. He remains on the campaign trail despite getting indicted four times this year.

Two of the cases are related to Trump’s efforts to interfere in the 2020 presidential election. He faces 91 criminal charges, which include a violation of Georgia’s RICO Act.