President Trump, Vladimir Putin To Blame For Will Smith And Chris Rock Altercation, According To Popular News Analysts

Will Smith, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Chris Rock

Two well-known commentators who appear on CNN and MSNBC claim that President Trump and Putin can control crowds, and they pointed to Will Smith’s fight with Chris as proof!

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Will Smith, Chris Rock, Oscars

Some well-known news pundits put former President Donald Trump and Putin’s war on Ukraine “smack” dab in the middle of Will Smith and Chris Rock’s altercation at The Oscars last night. 

During the ceremony, the Best Actor winner for “King Richard” sensationally got up on stage and slapped the comedian around the face after making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair loss.

Taking to Twitter following the incident, their son Jaden seemingly showed support for his family by writing, “And That’s How We Do It.”

Jaden, his sister Willow and their half-brother Trey later put on a united front with Will and Jada by posing as a family at the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party. 

Will was filmed rapping and dancing to his hits “Miami,” “Summertime,” and “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” on the dancefloor with his Oscar in hand.

Social media blew up following the incident, with many celebrities weighing in. 

But two well-known talking heads roped President Donald Trump into the conversation and blamed him for normalizing violence and vulgarity on T.V. 

“So did like anyone walk out after that happened??? Or are we getting an independent psychological case study on how Trump got normalized?” CNN correspondent Asha Rangappa wrote. 

Well-known strategist Steve Schmidt took the comparison further by comparing Will’s situation to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his war on Ukraine.

“Truth and lies. Do you want to understand how Putin can successfully tell his people that he sent the Russian Army to Ukraine, a nation with a Jewish President whose family was wiped out in the Holocaust, to fight Nazis? Simple,” Steve Schmidt reasoned. “Did you stand up and cheer when a movie star worth hundreds of millions of dollars assaulted a comic on national television and then gave a speech where he talked about being a ‘vessel for love’? If you did and you think you are better than the school teacher at a MAGA event or the retiree in the villages watching Tucker [Carlson].

“Will Smith lost control and committed a crime. The crowd cheered a crime because it also lost control,” he continued. “There is a difference though. The loss of control by the crowd was caused by a surrender of individualism and agency to the false comfort of belonging. There is no blanket that is warmer.

“Do you want to understand how Trump happened? Watch the Oscars and the crowd reaction. The pull to belong is very powerful,” Schmidt added.

Will apologized to everyone but Chris for his actions during his Best Actor acceptance speech. Chris decided not to file a police report.