Dr. Dre Accused Of “Decimating” Nicole Young’s Finances Out Of Revenge

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young

Nicole Young claims her ex-husband Dr. Dre is attempting to ruin her financially as their divorce work rages on!

Dr. Dre is hell-bent on getting revenge against his ex-wife Nicole Young – at least that’s what she claims in new court documents.

Nicole claims Dr. Dre is in contempt of court for refusing to pay her $1.2 million legal bills.

The judge has ordered Dre to pay all of Nicole’s legal bills as the couple’s divorce winds through the court system.

The rap mogul already shelled out $2 million towards the legal fees, estimated to total around $4 million. 

Nicole’s lawyers sent an angry letter to the judge asking Dre to be held in contempt of court and to force him to cough up the enormous amount of money.

“Andre is doing whatever he wants to do because he is an enormously entitled and well-funded litigant who seeks to exact revenge on his former wife by decimating her financially, leaving her without legal representation in the case,” a lawyer wrote in the latest round of legal wrangling. 

The legal bill is separate from the $3.5 million per year Dr. Dre must pay Nicole Young, regardless of when their divorce is settled.

According to a court order, Dr. Dre will pay the spousal support until Nicole remarries or dies. 

However, the couple’s dog fight over a fortune worth $820 million will continue.

Dr. Dre claims Nicole Young signed an ironclad prenup, but she maintains she signed the agreement under a threat of violence.