Dr. Dre Makes An Astronomical Amount Of Money Each Month

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre revealed his finances in court documents as part of an ongoing legal battle with his ex-wife Nicole Young.

Dr. Dre is pulling in a ton of money on a monthly basis.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online revealed Dr. Dre is making an average of $228,000 each month. He disclosed his finances amid a bitter divorce battle with his ex-wife Nicole Young.

According to Dr. Dre’s financial records, he’s made millions by selling off Apple stock over the past 12 months. The acclaimed producer sold the stock for a total of $73,725,773.

The Aftermath Entertainment founder has $182,744,809 in cash and his checking/savings accounts. He’s got an additional $6,262,311 in stocks/bonds as well as $269 million in property.

Although the D-R-E is making a lot of money, he’s got some major expenses too. In estimates provided by his account, the former N.W.A member spent at least $17 million over the past year.

Dr. Dre’s expenses include $3.2 million on mortgages and $2.3 million on entertainment. He also spent $7.8 million on what’s listed as “gifts,” including financial support for minor children.

The Hip Hop mogul also racked up an estimated $156,000 in health care costs; $248,000 on groceries; $21,000 for cell phone bills; $104,000 in auto-related payments and $177,000 for charitable donations.

Dr. Dre’s lawyer noted he didn’t account for taxes or litigation fees. Payments owed to his ex-wife and expenses for residences occupied by family members were excluded as well.