Dr. Dre Searched By Police Following Racially Charged Road Rage Incident In Front Of LA Home (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Compton’s finest Dr. Dre was searched by law enforcement in front of his home after a racially tinged road rage incident today.

According to reports from TMZ, a man had stopped in front of the driveway to Dr. Dre’s home, prompting the super producer to request for him to move his vehicle.

The motorist would then oblige, but begrudgingly so, as he is reported to have cursed at the mogul as he moved.

Dr. Dre then pulled out his phone to record the scenario, in which the upset motorist responded, “Here we go again, another black guy with a gun.”

Apparently the irate driver called 911 to report that Dre had pulled a gun on him.

When law enforcement arrived they handcuffed the Doc and searched him before releasing him after no weapon was recovered.

The Hip-Hop legend was not physically arrested by deputies.

In spite of Dre’s apparent innocence the driver insisted on making a citizen’s arrest and filing a report of his accounts of the scenario.

The report will be forwarded to the District Attorney by the Sheriff’s Department to determine if there is a case.

Check out the visuals from the incident below.