Dr. Dre Seeking To Avoid Further Bad Publicity In Divorce Trial

Dre is asking to make his divorce with his estranged wife Nicole Young private. 

Rap mogul Dr. Dre is requesting a five-day trial to determine the validity of the prenuptial agreement he signed with his estranged wife as their contentious divorce rages on.

Nicole Young filed court papers to end their 24-year marriage last June, and began fighting for a bigger share of Dre’s finances after claiming she had been forced to sign the prenup prior to their 1996 wedding.

She also alleged Dre had expressed regret for the way she was reportedly cornered into the contract, and tore up multiple copies of the paperwork in front of her shortly after their nuptials.

However, the “Forgot About Dre” hitmaker, who has since become a billionaire, denies doing such a thing, and maintains he never pressured Nicole to agree to the financial split in the event of a break-up.

The dispute has been at the center of their nasty divorce, and now the superproducer is asking to have a private judge step in and make a ruling on the matter.

His attorney, Laura Wasser, also notes a clause in the original prenup, explaining any alterations must be made in writing.

Nicole has already objected to having the case removed from the court system and heard in private, reports TMZ.