Dr. Dre’s Ex Claims He Is Starving Her And Left Her With “Close To Nothing”

Dr. Dre’s ex-wife Nicole claims she is almost broke as she battles with the high-powered producer over a fortune worth almost $1 billion!

Dr. Dre’s estranged wife has accused the rap mogul of attempting to leave her with “close to nothing” as their nasty divorce battle continues to drag on.

Nicole Young is fighting for a bigger share of Dre’s finances after alleging she was pressured into signing a prenuptial agreement prior to their 1996 wedding – before the hip-hop icon became a billionaire.

She previously demanded $2 million -a-month in temporary spousal support while the exes attempt to reach a settlement in court – a request Dre has contested, arguing he is already paying for her every need.

Now Nicole, who filed to end the 24-year marriage in June, is claiming Dre, full name Andre Young, is deliberately attempting to draw out the case and leave her broke.

“He is attempting to ‘starve her out’ while also attempting to walk away from the divorce with the parties’ entire marital estate, leaving her with close to nothing,” her lawyers argue in papers obtained by The Daily Mail.

She is seeking a court order forcing Dre to hand over a treasure trove of financial documents as part of the ongoing proceedings, but he has continued to refuse, insisting the prenup makes it clear she doesn’t get a cut of any of his businesses in the case of divorce.

Her filing reads: “Nicole’s need for documents from the parties’ long-standing accountants and managers is great. Among other issues, she needs these documents in connection with the issue of spousal support. Nicole was not employed during the parties’ 24-year marriage. Instead, she stayed home to raise their children.”

“Meanwhile, during the marriage, the parties amassed an estate worth close to $1 billion dollars,” her lawyers add. “Nevertheless, at this time, Andre is refusing to pay spousal support to Nicole or to pay her attorney’s fees.”

The former couple shares two adult children.