Akademiks Suggests Drake Moved Away From Being Identified As A “Jewish Rapper”


Critics called out the ‘For All the Dogs’ creator for not addressing global events.

As the Israel-Hamas War wages on, some people question why Aubrey Drake Graham has remained silent on the conflict.

Drake once proudly represented his Jewish heritage in his content. As a result, fellow Jewish celebrity DJ Vlad called out the Canadian Hip-Hop superstar for not speaking out on the ongoing, deadly situation in Israel and Gaza.

DJ Vlad also chastised Palestinian-American DJ Khaled for remaining silent as well. The VladTV founder interviewed DJ Akademiks to get his take on Drake choosing not to use his global platform to address the hostilities in the Middle East.

“I do think when it comes to Drake and Khaled, it’s probably a concerted effort of not trying to isolate people,” argued DJ Akademiks. “It’s like, ‘Ok, if I say something, what will it even matter?'”

The controversial podcaster also added, “Do you think at this point that Drake is wearing the fact that he’s Jewish on his back? Not saying he’s not. I think he’s gone away from trying to be the, ‘Hey, this is the Jewish rapper.'”

Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, recently responded to the criticism directed at his son. The older Graham stated, “If you say something about this one, you’re going to get criticized. If you say something about someone else, you’re going to get criticized.”

In contrast, American rapper Macklemore posted a lengthy statement about the Israel-Hamas War last week. The “Thrift Shop” hitmaker referred to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as “genocide.”