Drake DMs Wife Of Troll Who Made A Joke About His Son Adonis  


Drake decided to get back at a troll who made a joke about his son, following the man’s wife on social media before sliding in her DMs.

Drake clapped back at a social media troll who made a joke about his son in the most Aubrey-like way possible. He reached out to his girl and slid in her DMs

The drama began on Tuesday night (May 3) when Drake decided to add his opinion to an Instagram post from an NBA shooting coach named Lethal Shooter. The coach voiced his support for enthusiastic fathers of NBA players, including Tee Morant LeVar Ball.  

Drake agreed with the coach and defended the fathers, explaining any dad would be proud to have their kid in the NBA. He also added that he intends to be just as competitive with his own son’s endeavors.  

“Imagine your son makes the league and he’s Ja or Melo or Lonzo,” Drake wrote in the comment section. “All you can do is be elated and competitive and it’s a right of passage to that the OG’s talk s###. I know I’mma be this way even if my son is in a rubix cube competition.” 

An Instagram user decided to respond to the Canadian superstar rapper but brought his son into it. “Ya son prolly play with ghost writers,” the troll replied to Drake.  

At this point, Drake, who is known to be notoriously petty, responded though he chose not to diss the troll in return. Instead, he let the guy know that he followed the guy’s girlfriend, implying she leads a boring life.  

“I just followed your girl,” Drake wrote. “Cause she’s prob miserable and needs some excitement in her life.” 

Social media sleuths discovered Drake stuck to his word and followed the IG user’s wife. Furthermore, he actually reached out to her, sliding in her DMs to make sure she knew he was “here” for her. 

“I’m here for u ma,” Drake wrote. 

Meanwhile, the troll seems to have taken it in his stride. He shared a screenshot of the DM Drake sent to his wife, apparently finding the whole thing hilarious. “Oh nahhhhhh fool really DM’d my wife,” he said, followed by several crying with laughter emojis.  Check out the posts below.

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