Drake Has YK Osiris Hit High Note to Forgive $60,000 Debt

Yk Osiris, Drake, Worth It

YK Osiri delivers $60,000 rendition of “Worth It. Drizzy’s moved to forgive the songbird’s debt of the same amount. “Now sing, “ah ah ahhhh.”

Drake can relentlessly wield his Power and his Petty. Recently, the understanding “Fair Trade” wordsmith gave, YK Osiris, an opportunity to escape his $60,000 debt. But, how? Why, a quick serenade of “Worth It,” proved priceless.

The Certified Lover Boy insists, “You owe me sixty bands. And, you have to perform the song, right now, in the crib. What are we talking about.” As Drizzy continues to politely apply pressure, he adds, “I’m giving you an out. “I’m not Baby, I’m not Boosie. You don’t owe me two racks; or, five racks. You owe me sixty bands. And, I’m playing the song right now, you ready?”

As with any investment, Drake wanted the most for his money. He then demands, “You won’t owe me no money. Right now; I swear. I need a full performance though; the real s### though.”

Knowing a good deal, YK, would soon oblige. The “Money Keep Calling” singer instantly transforms into performance mode. Unyielding passion, sweeping gesticulations — and, of course — signature ad-libs were included in the impromptu delivery.

Yes, this really happened. Check out the video .

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“This is what happens when u owe 60,000.” – YK Osris