Drake Finally Learns His Fate After Being Accused Of Plotting XXXTENTACION Murder

Drake - NYPD

An attorney wanted to question Drake in an effort to defend Dedrick Williams, one of the men accused of killing XXXTentacion.

A judge shut down a lawyer’s attempts to drag Drake into the XXXTentacion murder trial.

Judge Michael Usan allowed Drake to avoid a deposition in the trial on Friday (February 24). Defense attorney Mauricio Padilla repeatedly sought to question Drake, suggesting the OVO star played a role in XXXTentacion’s murder.

Padilla, who’s representing XXXTentacion murder suspect Dedrick Williams, insisted he needed to question Drake to defend Williams. The judge found Padilla’s arguments to be unconvincing.

“What does that have to do with someone who you have no evidence of being involved other than hearsay and innuendo?” Judge Usan asked at one point. “You are now trying to just drag somebody in who’s a celebrity who does not want to be associated with this. And the harm to that individual is not inconsequential.”

Judge Usan believed Padilla was harassing Drake in order to orchestrate a straw man defense. The judge said Padilla’s efforts wouldn’t even help the three men on trial for XXXTentacion’s murder trial.

“At best, that would be adding an unindicted co-conspirator, if you will,” Judge Usan noted. “But that’s not a defense to the individuals that are here.”

Williams, Michael Boatwright and Trayvon Newsome are on trial for first-degree murder. A fourth man, Robert Allen, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and testified against the three suspects.

XXXTentacion died in a fatal shooting in 2018. He was 20.