Drake Gifts Fan Return Flight To Japan


Fans are saying he will send back to Asia, not one but two people.

Drake is giving back. During his Dallas tour stop at the American Airlines Center, a fan held up a sign that said he flew all the way from Japan to Texas just to see the “Hotline Bling” star.

“You came here from Japan for the show?” he said during Thursday’s (September 14) show. “You know what … we flyin’ you home first class back to Japan. We love y’all. I’ve never been to Japan, but you came to me. So that’s love. That’s what life is about. You got to show love.”

The fan was traveling with a companion and social media said both of them will go back home in style.

“There was a couple that flew to my show from Japan,” a fan shared. “Drake saw their sign and is flying them home first class. He said he’s never been to Japan and it meant a lot that they spent their hard earned money to fly across the world for him.”