Drake Halts Concert After Fan Throws Bra Onstage: “Let Me See What You’re Working With” 


Drake didn’t skip a beat when he was struck in the wrist by a phone, but he temporarily shut down the show when fans began throwing bras.

Drake’s hilarious reaction to a fan throwing her bra on stage was one of the highlights of Chicago’s It’s All A Blur Tour stop. 

While he brushed off a phone thrown at him with a flick of the wrist without skipping a beat, Drizzy reacted differently when fans tossed their bras in his direction, stopping the show to inspect the bra before shouting out breasts of all sizes. 

“Let me see what you’re working with,” Drake said while checking the size of one black bra. “Who threw this? That’s you?” he asked, pointing to a fan in the audience. “36 double D. That’s some knocks, I ain’t gon’ lie.”

Before continuing, Drake clarified that he doesn’t “discriminate” and has time for women of all sizes. “Shout out to all the girls with the small t######. Shout out the girls with the big b######, little b######, you know. All races, all faces, all places.”

Drake then returned to his onstage bra collection, saying, “Thank you again. This is perfect,” as he picked up another bra, this time a white one. “It’s like Yin and Yang, you know,” he added while holding up the bars as the crowd cheered wildly.  

Drake Brands One Fan “Nasty” After Bra Throw

In another clip, Drake jokingly remarked “nasty” after a different fan launched her 38 double D bra at him.  


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While the OVO honcho had all the time in the world to address the bra missiles, phones are a different story. Despite being struck in the wrist by the object, Drake refused to react and continued crooning to the crowd.  

Drake is the latest celeb to be struck by objects fans throw onstage. Pop star Bebe Rexha sustained a black eye when a concert goer threw a phone at her head last month. Meanwhile, P!NK was left baffled when a fan allegedly threw his mother’s ashes at her during a performance and Lil Nas X narrowly avoided being hit by a flying sex toy.