It Turns Out Drake LOST $1 Million World Cup Bet Even Though Argentina Won!


It turns out Drake managed to lose $1 million by betting that Argentina would beat France – even though Argentina won! Read more!

It has been reported that Drake lost a $1 million bet on the 2022 FIFA World Cup final between Argentina and France, which took place on Sunday. 

The rapper had reportedly bet $1 million on Argentina to win and shared a screenshot of his bet on Instagram. 

However, despite Argentina’s victory, Drake did not receive the payout because the team won in a penalty shootout, and Drake’s bet was made in a market where only the score after 90 minutes of play was counted. 

If Argentina had won during regular time, Drake would have won $2.75 million, a profit of $1.75 million. 

Drake shared a screengrab of his bet on Instagram on Saturday night and also posted a video showing him discussing his bets with a friend.

“I’ll take Argentina, he’ll take France,” Drake said in the since-deleted clip. “We’ll make that happen, that’ll be a vibe.”

Drake is known for his love of gambling and has previously partnered with cryptocurrency casino Stake.