Drake Takes Over Dodgers Stadium On Date With High School Basketball Player’s MILF Mom


It looks like the internet got it right when they noticed Drake getting a little too close to Johanna Leia at her son’s basketball game!

They don’t call him Champagne Papi for nothing.

While the world was cracking up at Nicki Minaj snapping at Drake for flirting with her new little sister in Hip-Hop, BIA, he was actually on a romantic date with another beauty in Los Angeles.

Say what?


He apparently rented out Dodger Stadium to take a pretty jawn out on a date.

Well, why would he pull a big boss move out for a beauty when there are millions just throwing themselves at him. Well, this isn’t just anyone.

He hosted dinner with model MILF, Johanna Leia, the mother of high school basketball star Amari Bailey.

A local ABC7 news helicopter “accidentally” buzzed over the romantic date (white table cloth, flowers, champagne and food) while flying around looking for news.

From one angle, Drake in a nice sweater while his date had a custom Dodgers’ jersey with her name on it. Drake’s jersey was draped over his chair.

Well how did Johanna meet the “God’s Plan” artist?

Remember when Drake went to Lebron James’ basketball game a few weeks back … Amari happens to be teammates with Bronny James on the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers.

Some paparazzi snapped pics of her sitting next to him with the “YAAASSSSS … EAT IT” face to all her haters.

Also, reports state that the GRAMMY Award-winning artist was seen talking to the kid after they lost the game.

Ahhh … Bronny’s Uncle can’t be scooping up moms at the game.

Twitter gives us reason why.

“Drake fans right now after the Rapper wasn’t there just to see Bronny play he was lurking at Amari Bailey’s Mom #slickass”


“The sierra canyon basketball team when they play drake while amari Bailey in the locker room”

“Amari bailey When he saw Drake dating his mother”


“Drake when Amari Bailey starts acting up”


Well, if you Drake … you can do whatever you want.