Draymond Green Shouts Out Memphis Rappers, Hoping They Let Go Of The Street Beef

Draymond Green

Draymond Green might be a rival of Memphis on the basketball court, but he had some wise words of unity for the city’s rappers!

NBA All-Star Draymond Green has used his platform as a baller to pay tribute to slain Memphis rapper Young Dolph and to float a message to rappers embroiled in beef: let it go.

According to the Commercial Appeal, the Golden State Warrior Forward played three songs by Young Dolph after his practice in Memphis, before The Golden State Warriors beat The Memphis Grizzlies in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semi-finals on Sunday (May 1st). 

He said the team’s playlist is intentional. Khalid Robinson, the Warriors’ special assistant to the head coach, picks the songs for the evening. Robinson features local artists based on whatever city the team is playing in.

The baller sent warm wishes to Dolph’s family and celebrated him for his outstanding community service.

For Green, who is a fan of Yo Gotti and Moneybagg Yo, Memphis has one of the most unique musical scenes. He even shouted out Yo Gotti’s Cocaine Muzik 2 as one of his favorite albums.

The Michigan native said, “I love Memphis music. I think Memphis has their own sound.” The city does have its own signature sounds, merging multiple genres like country, blues, R&B, rock & roll, and rap.

Draymond Green took it further, proving he is locked into what is going on in the music and streets. 

“I don’t get in people’s beefs… don’t know the politics or whatever, but it would be great if those guys could all one day make music together because they are all incredible,” Draymond Green said.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, Young Dolph was murdered in November 2021, outside of a local bakery, leaving tons of family, friends, and fans to mourn his tragic demise.

The Golden State Warriors will take on The Memphis Grizzlies tonight (May 3rd).