Slain New York Rapper Chii WVTTz’ Dad Calls Drill “The Devil’s Music”

chii wvttz

Chii Wvttz, an 18-year-old Drill Music rapper, was killed after being ambushed while sitting in a parked car after leaving a studio.

Chii WVTTz, a rising rapper in New York’s drill music scene, has become the latest casualty of the escalating violence in the city. Read more.

The year 2022 is starting to be one of the bloodiest years in New York’s Hip-Hop history. Already, and within two weeks, the horrific gunplay has claimed the lives of two rappers and injured one.

The latest victim is a drill rapper from the BX, Chii WVTTz.

The Daily News reports that on Sunday, February 6th, Chii WVTTz, an 18-year-old whose real name is Jayquan McKenley, was ambushed while sitting in a parked car after leaving a studio in Bedstuy, Brooklyn.

Police and family say that he left a recording studio around 2:15 a.m. after spending Saturday evening in the recording studio. He was attacked on Greene and Lewis Aves while he was chilling with his girl and a few other members from his squad.

Law enforcement asserts it was that time, while the crew was getting ready to leave, that a car rolled up and blasted them.

According to his mother’s cousin, Shawn Holmes, “Jayquan was a good kid. He had a very kind heart, and he had a passion for rapping.”

The 46-year-old continued talking about his little cousin, saying, “Music was something he was passionate about.”

Chii WVTTz has only been making drill music for about a year. In 2021, he put out the song “Sanctioned.” Almost a week before he died, he dropped a song with D MUNNA 1HUNNA called “FUCC ALL DA BEEF.”

People took to social media to mourn the loss.

“Rip C-HII WVTTZ this hurt me we been locked in, spoke the day before and he was going to be signed to 100k under my management. My condolences to his family #CHIIWVTTZ,” SainttPaul said.

Twitter user Haze accounted for his rise, “crazy to see chii wvttz dead, he was on the comeup too.”

“Chii Wvttz f###### died… I’m going to sleep, you n##### don’t even understand the hours I got listening to this mf. All the vids I got with his music… @GeneralJuu i know you feel my pain gang. i’m tucked bro…”

The police are trying to put the pieces together. Investigators are exploring if the killing is linked to the drill music rap scene, a shooting in the Bronx last summer, or accidental.

While they don’t know, Chii WVTTz’s father, Perry Williams, has an opinion. He said, “The drill is the devil’s music.”

After talking about the genre being saturated with themes of “drugs” and “death,” he said, “Our Hip-Hop is no longer Hip-Hop anymore.”

More condolences from friends and fans continue to stream in.

“BRO WTF goin on, RIP Chii Wvttz mad talent”