D’ussé Palooza Severs Ties With Host ChriStylezz Following Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Ravie B, Kam, LowKey, and Kaz issue statements about the situation.

Correction: In a previous edition, the subject of this article was referred to as Christopher “Chris Stylez” Samuels or Stylez instead of Christopher “ChriStylezz” Samuels or ChriStylezz. The accused individual is not the same person or in any way associated with R&B singer Christopher ‘Chris Stylez’ Allen.

(AllHipHop News) Christopher “ChriStylezz” Samuels is no longer an event host for the popular traveling party known as D’ussé Palooza. Earlier this week, the Roc Nation-backed brand’s Twitter account revealed a “staff member” was under an internal investigation before later announcing the company has severed ties with the individual.

D’ussé Palooza tweeted on April 27:

We are aware of the allegation made against one of our staff members. We are currently conducting an internal investigation around this allegation. Until the investigation has been concluded, that staff member has been placed on indefinite leave. With that said, we have always made safety for our consumers, talent and staff our top priority. We pride ourselves in creating a very safe and enjoyable environment for all. That will remain our focus moving forward into our future shows and events.

The following day, D’ussé Palooza tweeted:

After further consideration, we have decided to sever ties with the staff member who was initially put under internal investigation. Effective immediately, said staff member is no longer a part of the Palooza team and will not host any of our events going forward. It has always been our goal to create and maintain an environment where everyone feels safe. We adamantly reject any instance where women are made to feel otherwise.

While the Dussé Palooza account did not name the “staff member” in the statements, ChriStylezz took to his own Instagram page to address the misconduct allegations. The Brooklyn native apologized to “victims” for “being an a######” towards certain women in text messages.

However, ChriStylezz denied ever coercing, threatening, or raping anyone. The Trappin Anonymous podcaster also claimed he got an order of protection against an unnamed person that was allegedly harassing him.

“If I ever raped anyone, please bring me to justice,” said ChriStylezz. “This is not me downplaying. I can apologize for disrespecting women. That’s something that I did. I can apologize for not taking their feelings into account. I can apologize for not being a man and being a better person.”

The social media personality continued, “But for me to sit here and tell you that I’m raping somebody… Victims, I implore you to go and speak to authorities. It don’t gotta be to the public. It don’t gotta be to the world. It don’t have to be to a million people. I implore you to go to a precinct and bring me to justice. If I raped you, tell the police.”

ChriStylezz also took issue with being convicted in the court of public opinion. He added, “The moment somebody says, ‘This dude raped me. This dude did this to me,’ you are guilty is wild. That’s a bigger conversation that we gotta talk about for the culture and for people in general. That we can just sit here and say these things and not even show our face, not even show no kind of proof, just say these things, and you’re guilty.”  

Dussé Palooza’s Raven “Ravie B” Varona, Kameron “Kam” McCullough, Nile “LowKey” Ivey, and Kazeem “Kaz” Famuyide have publicly addressed the allegations on Twitter. The longtime associates of ChriStylezz denounced his supposed actions against women.

Ravie B tweeted:

Women should feel safe and never feel forced to do ANYTHING. What I learned yesterday left me completely disgusted, angry & blindsided. I’ve lost a friend. My heart is with the women affected by [Chris’s] unacceptable behavior. Men can not coerce women. That needs to change.

Kam tweeted:

I’m shocked and appalled at what I’ve discovered over the past 30 hours. My heart goes out to all of the women affected. Women should never be made to feel unsafe, coerced or pressured to do anything they don’t want to do.

LowKey tweeted:

I am extremely DISAPPOINTED with all the discoveries regarding the women who have attended our events. We will do everything in our power to reassure this IS a safe environment. No woman should ever be subjected to that type of behavior. EVER.

Kaz tweeted:

These thoughts are my own alone. Nobody, especially our women, should ever feel unsafe at any space. Especially our events. I’m shocked and saddened at what [I] learned yesterday and my heart goes to those affected. We failed you. Full stop.