Early Kanye West TV Series Pilot Hits Internet

Kanye West - Ye

The rapper enlisted tons of other celebrities and influencers to make the show a success.

One of Kanye West’s long lost show ideas, a Yeezified version of Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” has popped up on the internet and caused a slight frenzy. According to Yahoo! Life, the music producer tried to pitch the show to HBO in the early 2000s and placed all of his favorite folk at the center of the pilot as his cast.

Names like Don C, GLC, Jeff Garlin, JB Smoove, Kym Whitley and Wyatt Cenac appeared on the pitch episode of what sources say would have been named “A Little Inappropriate.”

Kanye West modeled the show after “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and even had Larry Charles, the director of the hit HBO series, come and help create it. The pilot centered on the “Jesus Walks” recording artist visiting a fan for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Once Ye got to the fan, it turned out the fan was faking being sick and only wanted to meet the star. A few fans commented on the idea.

One said, “His pitch: ‘Hey, I want to make a show like Curb Your Enthusiasm. You know, just not funny or smart. And the main character can’t be likable. I mean, like not even a little bit. So you know I’ll be him.'”

Another said this could have worked, saying, “If he just films himself and doesn’t try to be funny he will have a docuseries hit show for HBO. He is authentically insane and there is tremendous comedic value in that, again he can’t try and be funny.”

Another person added, “Like the movie Ed tv if he is filmed and doesn’t realize it then you have gold. He should sign a contract allowing him to be filmed and then wire his house cars and bodyguards with hidden cameras, also his celebrity friends could wear hidden cameras. Capture him at his daily routine worst then you have a hit show.”