Ed Sheeran’s Royalties Frozen For Stealing More Music From Black Artists

Is Ed Sheeran the ultimate “culture vulture?” He’s being sued for stealing more music by black musicians.

(AllHipHop News) Ed Sheeran’s song royalties have been frozen following new allegations he’s ripping off other artists’ tunes.

The “Perfect” singer is currently battling Ed Townsend’s estate officials over claims he lifted “harmonic progressions and rhythmic elements” from Marvin Gaye’s 1973 hit “Let’s Get It On,” which the soul songwriter co-wrote.

Now the Brit is facing a new legal wrangle with Sam Chokri, who has accused Ed of “consciously or subconsciously… appropriating the compositional skill and labor of other songwriters” in new court papers.

Chokri alleges the chorus from Sheeran’s#### “Shape Of You” echoes his 2015 track “Oh Why,” while stating the hitmaker’s songs also include “stolen” material from TLC and Shaggy.

Chokri’s complaint is being taken seriously by lawmakers, who have suspended Ed’s royalties pending a court decision.

Sheeran has launched a counterclaim, alleging Chokri has blocked his revenue stream and put his reputation at stake.

Meanwhile, Sheeran’s legal battle with fellow Ed, Townsend, is set to rumble into 2020 after the judge overseeing the “Let’s Get it On” case opted to stall proceedings.

The Townsend estate bosses initially lost their bid to challenge Sheeran, but the matter was revived on appeal.

Sheeran was also involved in a 2017 lawsuit over his song “Photograph.” That matter was settled.