Eliza Reign Takes Future Back To Court Saying Child Support Bill Is Too Low

IG model Eliza Reign claims her baby needs way more money than the court has ordered Future to pay to support their child together.

(AllHipHop News) Is $3,200 a month a lot to receive for a child support payment?

If you are Eliza Reign and you have a baby with Atlanta rapper Future, it might not seem like a lot of money.

After scoffing at the number, issued by the court, her attorneys are asking for the father of six to pay roughly $53,000 a month, 16 times more than the original award. They argue that he is making more money than he has reported and they have receipts.

Reign’s attorney, Brandon Rotbart, spoke about the decision saying, “We disagree with it. We had some other evidence that was contradictory.”

“We are very hopeful that once we get all the documentation from him, his banking info, his credit card info, that the final child support number would be substantially higher,” Rotbart said.

Future has long maintained that Eliza Reign had her “check baby” as a quick get rich scheme. Back in February, as reported by AllHipHop.com, court documents stated that he believed that Reign was taking “fertility drugs” before they started having sex.

Originally, Future only wanted to pay $450 a month.

Clearly, that is not enough. If a judge were to grant Eliza Reign’s request, the “Life is Good” rapper will have paid n $11 million by the time the child is 18-years-old.