Eminem Recalls Origin Of Snoop Dogg Feud & How The Beef Ended

Snoop Dogg Eminem

Eminem talked about past problems with Snoop Dogg on Paul Rosenberg’s retrospective podcast ‘Paul Pod: Curtain Call 2.’

Eminem and his longtime manager Paul Rosenberg discussed Em’s past feud with Snoop Dogg on an episode of the Paul Pod: Curtain Call 2 podcast.

Slim Shady revealed the Snoop Dogg dispute stemmed from miscommunication. He also recalled how Dr. Dre’s brain aneurysm played a role in ending the beef.

“Me and Snoop had our little issue,” Eminem said. “And then when Dre—when that thing happened with Dre, the brain aneurysm thing … and we were like, ‘Bro, this is stupid. This is stupid as hell to be feuding right now.’ So, I don’t remember if I called him or he called me. I can’t remember. But we talked it out.”

He continued, “I think that there was a miscommunication at the time in regards to him being on my album, [The Marshall] Mathers LP, ‘B#### Please II.’ And I think he had wanted to do something with me and maybe gave [Rosenberg] the idea or something. And [Rosenberg] said something to the effect of ‘Well, let’s hear what the song is first. Let’s see what the type of song is.’ He said the way that he took it was kinda like that I don’t f### with him. That I didn’t f### with him.”

Eminem noted Snoop Dogg was looking to make another collaboration happen “for a long time.” But their relationship soured after the perceived diss.

“I don’t even think I said it to him ‘cause I don’t remember talking to him, but I may have talked to somebody on his team,” Rosenberg explained. “Whatever I said was relayed back to him in a way that he didn’t like. And he thought you didn’t f### with him, which obviously wasn’t the case.”

Eminem emphasized, “I explained to him, like, bro, Doggystyle changed my life.”

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