Eminem’s Brother Calls Him A ‘Good Role Model’

Slim Shady’s little brother speaks on growing up with your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

You ever think about what Eminem was like as a big brother?

According to NME.com, his little brother Nate Mathers shared what it was like growing up with the man many believe is one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Nate appeared on the “Just A Little Shady” podcast, hosted by Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade, and said he was “the best role model.”

“He was the best role model I could have had to help me be the dad that I am today,” he said.

Adding, “I started understanding a little more when reality would hit when I would start seeing [Eminem] on TV and going to shows and all the signatures and crazy people.”

“I am like, ‘Alright, well, this is real’… A few years later, when I was able to leave from being under my mom’s care, I moved in with you guys,” he said.

The multi-Grammy award-winning Marshall Mathers is 14 years older than Nate, with whom he shares the same mother, and Nate is actually, 10 years older than Hailie.

Hailie described her relationship with her uncle, saying, “Nate is my uncle – my dad’s younger brother – but also we kind of grew up together because Nate lived with us for a while when I was young.”

“I would say brother-uncle, you definitely act younger than your age,” she continued. “We are closer in age than you are to [my] dad, but still, I never realize how much older you are than me because I feel like you are like a brother.”

One of the things Nate learned from his famous brother, who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, was how to write.

“I had learned from your dad how to do music and how to write formulas, compound syllables and tested it out in the beginning,” he said.

“From there, I started looking around for beats and whatnot and got comfortable enough with my voice and writing skills that I started recording and getting a feel for how I would deliver songs and how that would formulate to where people would enjoy it.”