Erica Mena “Embarrassed” She Had Kids With Safaree After His Nicki Minaj Comments

Erica Mena

Safaree claimed breaking up with Nicki Minaj was the biggest struggle he faced, which annoyed his ex-wife Erica Mena.

Erica Mena chastised her ex-husband Safaree for saying his breakup with Nicki Minaj was the biggest struggle he had to overcome. Mena, the mother of Safaree’s two children, admitted she’s ashamed of their relationship.

“I will FOREVER be embarrassed I gave sis these incredible beautiful babies,” she commented on Instagram. “He don’t even talk or care about his seeds this much online or in real life.”

Mena said she wanted to see her ex-husband end “his deadbeat struggle next.” The Love & Hip Hop star bashed Safaree after watching a clip of him talking about Nicki on the We in Miami podcast.

“I’m not even going to sugarcoat s###,” Safaree said. “I was with Nicki. We broke up, so her fans and certain people they just wanted it to be like, ‘OK, they’re not together no more. F### him. Let him be nothing. Let him disintegrate. Let him disappear.’ Whatever. But nine, 10 years later — 10, 15 TV shows later, lot of music out later, doors open later — I’m still here and some people don’t like that. They like, ‘Why n##### still paying attention to this n####?’”

Safaree claimed no one wanted to work with him during Nicki’s two-year relationship with Meek Mill.

“I had two of the biggest people in the world against me,” Safaree said. “So, that made everybody be against me. Nobody wanted to be next to me, nobody wanted to work with me or none of that s###. So, it just made everything hard … That was a dark time for me.”

Nicki and Safaree dated for over a decade before they split in 2014. Years later, Nicki rekindled her relationship with Kenneth Petty. They got married in 2019. Safaree married Mena the same year.

Mena filed for divorce in 2021. The divorce was finalized in 2022.

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