Erykah Badu Apologizes to the Obamas for Indiscretion

Erykah Badu

President Obama turned 60 and held a star-studded party! Erykah Badu may not be invited back to the next soiree and had to issue an apology!

President Barak Obama turned 60 this week and held a star-studded party to celebrate! Held at Martha’s Vineyard 500 of the most influential names in the country gathered to commemorate the occasion including the one-and-only Erykah Badu. The neo-soul pioneer may not be invited back to the next soiree however and had to take to her socials last night to issue an apology!

Erykah, who also performed at the event, appeared to have had a great time at the party and shared videos of the event to her socials. In one since-deleted video, the Obamas could be seen dancing “as if no ones watching” with the President having a little dance with RnB singer H.E.R, another of the night’s performers.

However, this violated the event’s strict “No photography” policy and so Ms. Badu deleted the video gracefully apologized like the lady that she is.

The public apology came via Erykah’s Twitter: “Mr. And Mrs. Obama, Please forgive me 4 being the “terrible guest “ at such a sacred event for your family. I was so inconsiderate, Thank you for all your love. What an example of ‘how NOT ‘ to be …… erica”

Although Erykah didn’t explain exactly what she was apologizing for, people are assuming it was for sharing a video of the private event. When it was suggested that she was made to apologize the classy songstress replied with “Naw sis. It’s just right thing,”

Hopefully, Ms. Badu got herself back in the Obamas good graces with the candid apology! Either way, the singer will be back performing in September.