EXCLUSIVE: Big Meech Ponders BMF Name Change

Incarcerated drug baron Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory wants to flip the meaning of BMF.

(AllHipHop News) Big Meech is on a mission to help the African-American community whenever he is released from prison.

Big Meech is serving a 30-year sentence for operating a nationwide drug enterprise, and then laundering $250 million in illicit proceeds.

Big Meech has filed two motions asking for a compassionate from prison due to his elevated risk of catching the coronavirus.

Yesterday, the government filed their response to Big Meech’ motion, and as expected they have opposed his release.

The Feds claims Meech is in decent shape physically and doesn’t deserve a 15-year reduction on his sentence, due to his spotty prison record over some minor infractions. 

As AllHipHop.com exclusively reported last week, Big Meech is eager to get out of prison and use his influence within the African-American community to make a positive change.

To underscore his point, a source confirmed with AllHipHop that when Meech is released, he is proposing to change the infamous “BMF” acronym for Black Mafia Family.

In order to pursue his new calling, Big Meech wants to start an organization called “Build More Families” to reflect his new direction in life.

Big Meech already has one influential backer supporting him – his mother – who came up with the idea for this new twist on BMF.

During his 15 years in prison, Big Meech has helped establish a variety of community events, including a back to school fun day, as well as book drives and basketball contests.

Right now, he’s in a holding pattern, as a judge is expected to make his ruling any day now.

If the gavel bangs in Meech’s favor as it did for his brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, the BMF founder still won’t be home until at least mid-June.

That’s because the Feds want Big Meech to be quarantined for 14 days – if the judge decides to release him.