EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B’s Lawyers Say Relationship Has “Eroded” Want Out Of $30 Million Battle With Former Manager

A law firm representing rap star Cardi B in her $30 million lawsuit against her former manager is asking a judge to be removed from the case because they can’t agree on a legal strategy!

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Cardi B is close to settling a beef with her former manager, but she has to get through a new opponent – her lawyers.

Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt was one of the firms representing Cardi in a $10 million lawsuit filed by her old manager Klenord ‘Shaft’ Raphael.

Shaft claimed Migos group member Offset lured Cardi away from his company so she could work with Quality Control.

Cardi filed a $30 million countersuit, accusing Shaft of taking advantage of her and keeping “an unreasonable and unconscionable portion of earnings.”

The outcome of her lawsuit against Shaft is crucial because Cardi’s royalties have been jammed up for the last two years as the lawsuit winds through the court.

Cardi had two firms representing her: Robins Kaplan and Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt.

Yesterday (July 20th) another legal battle erupted in court when a lawyer named Paul V. LiCalsi representing Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt asked a judge to be removed from defending Cardi B in her countersuit against Shaft.

In a heavily redacted court document, LiCalsi said “Ms. Almanzar and Reitler have divergent and irreconcilable views regarding the litigation strategy to employ in this matter,” which have seriously impaired Reitler’s ability to represent her.

“During the course of Reitler’s representation of Ms. Almanzar in this litigation, Reitler has performed a substantial amount of work in connection with the discovery phase of this action and has participated in extensive and lengthy settlement negotiations on behalf of Ms. Almanzar in the hopes of effectuating a global settlement to resolve the instant action,” Paul V. LiCalsi said.

But LiCalsi said they cannot agree on an appropriate strategy to resolve the lawsuit and as such, there has “been a significant erosion of the attorney-client relationship.”

LiCalsi said Reitler warned Cardi they wanted to be dropped from the case, but the superstar rapper never responded to their request to be removed as her counsel.

Thankfully, Cardi still has the legal firepower of Robins Kaplan, which LiCalsi admitted was more than enough and would not prejudice the litigation once Reitler is off the case.

Last week, a model who is suing Cardi and Shaft for $5 million claimed the rapper was withholding financial documents that are crucial to his case.

Kevin Michael Brophy is suing the pair for allegedly using his back tattoo on her mixtape “Gangsta B##ch Music Vol 1.”

During her deposition, Cardi revealed she hadn’t received royalties from her music in almost two years due to the litigation with Shaft, who claims he gave the rapper one of her biggest hits, “Bodak Yellow.”

Cardi confirmed the information during a series of tweets, where she explained the situation in greater detail.