EXCLUSIVE: Chamillionaire Talks Independence; Says ‘Poison’ Album Is Best Work To Date


(AllHipHop News) Houston rapper Chamillionaire checked in with AllHipHop.com to discuss the response he received from his most recent EP Ammunition, as well as his newly found independence, after severing ties with Universal in 2011.

Chamillionaire strategically wanted to see how his fans would respond to his work, after struggling with a major label (Universal) to agree on the direction of his music. The rapper opted out of posting the project on popular digital platforms like Amazon and iTunes and released Ammunition through his website, Chamillionaire.com.

“I came from independence and I feel like I worked my way to get everything that I have accomplished in my life, so I don’t look at life ‘you are a big star and you only have to do a little to be successful,'” Chamillionaire told AllHipHop.com. “I believe there is a lot that you have to do to be successful no matter who you are, you know? I am good at creating brands like ‘Mixtape Messiah’ and ‘Major Pain,’ all kinds of stuff that I have put out through the streets of Texas and the South.”

Ammunition is Chamillionaire’s first release of brand new, official material since his 2007 album, Ultimate Victory. Creative issues prevented the rapper from releasing new material, but in 2011, he parted ways with Universal, after over six years on the label.

“I wanted to create something new since its been a while since I put something out, so I created this Ammunition brand, and was like alright I’m going to start doing some stuff out on real beats now,” Chamillionaire said. “I have been working on the album [Poison] for the past two or three years, but I didn’t want to put it out yet because I feel like I need to get myself to a certain point.”

Chamillionaire sold Ammunition as a download for those who pre-ordered the release, while others had the option of purchasing the physical copy directly from the rapper.

Audio: Chamillionaire Explains Independent Grind

Chamillionaire also broke down his plans for his highly anticipated project Poison. According to Cham, Poison is the best work that he has recorded to date.

Unlike the Ammunition EP, Poison will likely be released  through a major label.

“I’m not asking anybody for the money, I’m completely spending my own money…I’m shooting my own videos for everything,” Chamillionaire said. “I’m not talking about the cheap little 5D, 7D camera videos. I’m talking about real authentic videos for every song. Now people are going to judge me based off of what I am capable of, instead of what some A&R was trying to convince me to do, or what some label was trying to force.

“You have these people up in the offices trying to tell you what is cool. They are the ones forcing the single, a certain look and image. A lot of times that doesn’t gel with the artist. So instead of fighting with them, I don’t have a boss and I do it myself. I know its taking a long time and some people say that I am losing my buzz, but I don’t care, because I believe in quality…I believe it is some of the best material I have ever recorded.”